Principal's Welcome

Kia ora koutou e te whānau

We believe strongly in the importance of partnership between the school, the parish, the family and the student, all of us working together to provide the best possible learning opportunities for students. If you wish to find out more about St Francis of Assisi Catholic School browse this website or contact the school directly to arrange a time to meet with me and view the school in action.

We choose to be an innovative Catholic learning community that inspires and empowers learners to succeed – Come and join us!

Jo Earl


St Francis of Assisi Catholic School

Our Staff

Jo Earl Principal Senior Leadership
Rebecca Methven Deputy Principal, DRS, Kākano Team Leader, SENCO Senior Leadership
Angela Bailey Paiaka Paiaka
Bev Sutherland Office Manager Support Staff
Anna Carney Team Leader Tumu
Kate Parker Kaupeka Team Leader Kaupeka
Matt Clark Kaiako Kākano
Jemma van de Vondervoort Kaiako kaiakoPaiaka
Louise MacKay Kaiako, DRS Kākano
Melissa Dungey Kaiako kaiakoKākano
Melissa Lover Kaiako Kākano
Michelle Wright Teacher Aide Support Staff
Nicola Smith-Palmer Kaiako Paiaka
Oliver Trewin Kaiako kaiakoTumu
Rachel Fitzsimons Teacher Aide Support Staff
Pauline O’Connor Executive Officer Support Staff
Sam Cleghorn Teacher Aide Support Staff
Whitney Hansen Digital Technologies Lead (currently on leave) Senior Leadership
Tracey Bryce Kaiako Kaupeka
Shane Garrick Caretaker Support Staff
Rebecca Henderson Kaiako kaiakoKaupeka
Olivia Gill Kaiako Tumu
Lauren Farrell McCabe Kaiako kaiakoKaupeka
Essie Agnew Kaiako Kaupeka

St Francis of Assisi School