Board of Trustees

As a Board of Trustees we are accountable on behalf of the Parents, the Proprietor and Ministry of Education for student achievement, setting the vision for the school and ensuring the school complies with legal and policy requirements. While the Board is in a governance role, it is the principal who is responsible for the management of the school and together we choose to work in partnership to provide the very best innovative Catholic learning community and do all we can for the children in our care.

The Board is made up of the Principal, one staff trustee, up to four each of elected Parent and Proprietors Trustees. The Parent Trustees are elected by parents every three years. The following people make up the Board of Trustees of our school. Over time, we look forward to getting to know you and welcome your involvement in the school.

Proprietor Representatives:

Clare Bell, Victoria Henstock, Cathie Hurdle, John Rynearson,

Parent Elected Representatives:

¬†Richard Mackay, Kelly Paterson, Nathan O’Connell (Elected BOT Chairperson), Luke Sweeney, Alex Tino

Staff Elected Representative: Rebecca Henderson

Principal: Jo Earl

The Board welcomes feedback from our parent community. Should you have any ideas about how you would like to see our school develop in the time ahead, please let us know.


St Francis Annual Accounts 2020

Presiding Members Contacts

Nathan O’Connell Presiding Member Board

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