Our Mission

Choosing to be an innovative Catholic Learning Community that inspires and empowers learners to succeed.

Building Our Vision

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October 2016

We have begun to consult with our stakeholders in order to begin the journey of building our vision. We have asked our community five important questions.

Letter to Parents/ Caregivers

You can click on the questions to see a word cloud of the responses that have been collated.

What attributes, dispositions, knowledge and skills do you want to see your child  have by the time they leave our school?

In what ways could the school partner with you more effectively in your child’s learning needs?

Thinking of the future, what are the greatest challenges that you see regarding your child’s education?

What existing strengths in our school culture should we most celebrate and build on for the future?

What do you think should be the school’s highest priorities for your child in the future?