Intermediate at St Francis of Assisi Catholic School





Intermediate Prospectus




Full primary schools have a proud tradition of meeting the learning, social, emotional and physical needs of intermediate students since 1877.

There is often a lot of discussion as to which school structure is better for the development of adolescents – full primary or intermediate – Research has shown that it is what happens in the classroom to support learning and what happens across the school to cater for the specific developmental, cognitive, physical, emotional and social needs of intermediate age children that makes the difference – not the school type.

Indeed, research consistently shows that feeling ‘connected’ is a vital part of a successful education experience. This is of even greater significance when one considers the transitions young people are coping with outside of their school lives.

The students here are building on the connections they have made since they were five. These students have had some disruption however they have been able to establish strong bonds and are lucky that this school offers intermediate for them to continue their schooling.



We believe the quality of teaching and learning in our Year 7/8 programme is second to none – We also offer many extra curricular activities but we want you to know that our core business is preparing your children for High School and we won’t compromise on concentrating on the essential skills that they will need for this transition, Literacy Numeracy and Learning Dispositions.