Communicating with our Community        

Making Contact

Communicating with our community is important to us. We have a variety of ways that we will communicate with you however one of the most important ways for us is face to face. We have an open door policy in all areas of the school. Our teachers make themselves available before school from 8.30am and after school for quick catch ups however if you need more time than this please talk to your child's home-base teacher and make a time so that they are able to prepare for the meeting and give you the time you need.

There are a couple of times that the teachers won't be available e.g. Monday afternoons after school are always set aside for professional development but our teachers will be able to talk to you about when they are able to meet up. If you are unable to come in to make a time you can email the teacher directly to organise this.

 All teachers emails are and can be found on the staff page on this website.

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Other Forms of Communication

We have many other ways for you to connect with our school. 


The weekly newsletter is uploaded to the website every Friday afternoon. It is also emailed to all parents and caregivers.

School App

We have a personalised app for our school. This is a great way to get information pushed to you. All you need to do is download the app and subscribe to the groups your child belongs to and then you will receive text notifications. This is how we will contact the school community in the event of an emergency so we encourage you to download this app. Instructions can be found on this link.


The school Facebook page is another way that we connect with our community. We will post urgent notices, reminders and links on Facebook and this is also where we share photos of events. Take a look on this link and LIKE our page!


Links to the Hub Blogs can found on our website. We also have a school blog where we try to share interesting education links for you.


Follow us on twitter - the school twitter handle is @stfrancischch - no urgent notices will be sent on twitter but links to up to date readings on thinking in education are shared here as well as some snippets of the learning that is taking place at St Francis. 


We are continually updating our website with new information about our school for you. On the website you can access the school calendar which we are trying really hard to keep up to date for you. Over time we will add information about the teaching and learning that is happening in our environment. You can access all the school blogs under the Our Learning Tab. You can also access the newsletter under the Our News Tab. In the event of an emergency – e.g. an earthquake we will post information on the front page of the website, our Facebook and we will send information via the school app.