Supporting Your Child's Learning at Home

The Ministry of Education have published booklets which are designed to help parents and caregivers support their children at home to meet the National Standards. 

Below you will find each year level's booklet which you can click on to view. These are great tools for helping out at home and understanding where your child should be achieving as they progress through their schooling years.


 After one year

End of Year 5

 After two years

End of Year 6

 After three years

 End of Year 7

 End of Year 4

End of Year 8

We all want the very best for our learners at school and at home.  We have put together a list of resources and information for parents/caregivers to help at home.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but there are some key websites and pieces of information that we think are extremely helpful.

If you would like extra advice about how to help your learners at home, make an appointment to come and have a chat with your child's teacher.


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